1: The Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated.


2: If you are a journalist writing a nice article, we kindly ask you to reveal the nature of your visit and to respect our house rules.


3. If you want to have a photographic memory of your visit to Dr., we can provide you with an X-ray.


4. Do not try to outsmart the Dr. We are always smarter.


5. It’s the staff’s prerogative to refuse treatment to any patients who, in our professional opinion, have had too much medicine.


6. Smoking may induce insomnia and stress to our neighbours. Please go down the street and smoke your cigarette in front of the Bikram yoga.


7. Please don’t linger outside the front door and leave our practice in a quiet manner, taking in account our neighbours’ aforementioned need for rest and quiet.


8. Preparing your prescriptions is labour intensive. Your patience is much appreciated.


9. No unwanted hitting on female patients. If you want to share your fondness for another patient, please tell your Dr.


10. Please don’t operate our doors yourself. If you need to go outside, one of your trained staff members will accompany you to the door.


11. Please limit the use of your mobile phone to prevent unwanted effects on the ambience.


12. Relax. Enjoy. Do not rush. Smile. The Dr. will take care of you.